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Let’s face it.  There are many times when you really just want to wind down and relax in a nice luxurious bath… peace and quiet – kids are fast asleep, no cell phone, no worries.  Peaceful, isn’t it… or at least it should be.  But with all the commotion of jobs and kids and life, it’s difficult to find the time.  Well, make the time, right?  One way that works for us is to involve the kids in making bath time fun – enter the bath bomb. It’s a fun project to do with your kids, and its a great lead in to a fun and less stressful bath time for them… Then when the kids hit the hay, you are able to enjoy your own relaxing spa-like bath with your homemade spa-creation… Sounds nice doesn’t it?

Well, then, join us!  We love making these very fun, very fizzy, bath bombs for our own use of course, and sharing these homemade luxuries with family and friends is certainly a fun thing to do as well.

Make Your Own – Bath Fizzies – Bath Bombs – Spa Products – More

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Bath Bombs and Bath Fizzies

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Many of our customers enjoy making bath bombs, organic soaps and other spa products so much, they’ve turned their crafting into a business. Awesome!!   Can you see yourself at the county fairs and craft shows? “Bath Bombs for Sale! Get Your Bath Fizzies Here!” 🙂

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Enjoy making and using your homemade bath bombs, bath fizzies and thanks for stopping by.

Bath Bombs Bath Fizzies